schema is a multi-disciplinary professional services firm with a track record that spans more than two decades. In the past 10 years alone we’ve completed over 1,000 assignments and we’ve trained more than 7,000 people at organisations ranging in size up to $2.5Billion in terms of annual operating revenue and to more than 9,000 in terms of employee numbers.

This long history of success across a variety of disciplines tells you something very important: it proves that we can be trusted to deliver exactly what's been agreed - no matter what the assignment.

People draw on our expertise to create organisations that are outstanding performers in their field. We help them to achieve a wide range of outcomes including:


  • higher revenue;
  • lower costs;
  • improved productivity;
  • increased resilience;
  • enhanced effectiveness;
  • successful adaptation to changes in the operating environment;
  • compliance with legislation, standards or codes of practice; and
  • seamless integration following re-structuring, amalgamation or acquisition.


To learn more about what we do please check out our capabilities and our portfolio. If you'd like to have a conversation about where you’re trying to take your organisation and how we can help make the journey a success please contact us - we’d love to hear from you.