schema provides professional services in five fields. Broad coverage of key business disciplines coupled with a deep understanding of organisational performance drivers means that we’re able to help you achieve a variety of business objectives.


Our expertise lies in the following areas:

Project & Program Management

We help organisations to plan, execute and evaluate projects, multi-project work programs and policy implementation programs.


Versatility sets us apart from other providers in this space. We've successfully completed assignments in a wide range of contexts including: natural resources management; environmental management; urban design; disaster recovery; asset management; information system management; strategic planning; business systems engineering; and organisational change.


We can accommodate a range of engagement scenarios. If your organisation already has some project and program management capability in-house we can augment this by filling resource shortfalls, providing specialist support or bringing an independent perspective to bear on sensitive tasks such as project and program reviews. If you have no, or limited, in-house capability we can provide expert support in relation to all aspects of project and program management - from systems development to staff training. We can also manage entire projects and project-based work programs on your organisation’s behalf.


We help people to use contemporary management principles, techniques and tools to build strong, resilient and adaptable organisations that are capable of performing at the highest level.


In a field that has lots of “ivory-tower” types with little appetite for implementation we're renowned for being practical professionals. What this means for you is:


  • our people are pragmatic;
  • our solutions are sensible; and
  • we provide hands-on support when it’s needed.


If you want to see tangible performance improvements within a tight time-frame then we’re the best people to call on.

Business Communication

We help organisations and their stakeholders to share important information using carefully-crafted strategies and plans, contemporary communication technologies and content that conveys messages clearly and accurately.


Our capabilities span marketing, technical and operational communication. This means we're able to help you leverage the performance impacts of business communication right across your organisation. On any given day you'll find our consultants working on a diverse range of essential information products including: forms; signs; manuals; job aids; management dashboards; presentations; posters; flyers; banners; advertisements; brochures; newsletters; magazines; web pages; social media content; and interactive video or audio.


If you're looking for organisation-wide communication support you should start and end your search with schema.

Management Research

We help to simplify managerial decision-making within organisations by providing reliable information about, and rich insights into, matters of strategic and operational importance.


Our expertise extends well beyond marketing-focused research. After all, overall performance is determined by the quality of decision-making throughout your entire organisation - from corporate strategy to stakeholder communication. That’s why we cover all the bases when it comes to management research expertise.


Whether it’s a survey to determine employee satisfaction, a spatial analysis of customer locations to improve service delivery or sales management, a benchmarking study to rate your organisation’s performance relative to its peers or a workflow analysis to optimise process efficiency - we’ll get the information and insights you need to make hard decisions seem simple.

Learning & Development

We help organisations to equip their employees with the knowledge, skills and support tools required to optimise on-the-job performance.


Our approach to workplace L & D is contemporary and draws on both formal and informal means of addressing identified needs. The range of services we offer is comprehensive and spans all elements of workplace L & D. Whether it’s a needs analysis for a new employee, a maintenance manual for a machine operator, a webinar for a work group, a training course for a team, e-learning modules for up-and-coming managers, a corporate competency assessment framework or an enterprise-wide L & D system - we can help ensure that your people are equipped with knowledge, skills and support tools that will enable them to perform to the best of their abilities.


If you'd like to position your organisation as an outstanding performer in its field we'd love to help. To arrange a discussion about how we can assist please contact us.