schema provides professional services in five fields. Broad coverage of key business disciplines coupled with a deep understanding of organisational performance drivers means that we’re able to help you achieve a variety of objectives.


Our expertise lies in the following areas:


We use contemporary management principles, techniques and tools to help people build strong, resilient and adaptable organisations that are capable of performing at the highest level.


In an industry that’s renowned for “ivory-tower” types with little appetite for implementation we've got a reputation for being practical professionals. What this means for you is:


  • our people are pragmatic;
  • our solutions are sensible; and
  • we provide hands-on support when it’s needed.


If you want tangible performance improvements within a tight time-frame we’re the people to call.

Project Management

We help organisations to plan, complete and evaluate projects and multi-project work programs.


All of our senior consultants have internationally-recognised project management qualifications and extensive practical experience. This means you can rest assured that your assignment will always be in the safe hands of experts, not amateurs.


Our track record spans a variety of project types and contexts. A distinctive feature of that record is our wide-ranging experience working on complex, multi-million dollar public sector initiatives in fields outside of the building and construction sphere - fields such as resource and environmental management, disaster recovery, change management, systems engineering and policy development.

Business Communication

We help organisations and their stakeholders to share important information using carefully-crafted strategies and plans, contemporary communication technologies and content that conveys messages clearly and accurately.


The breadth of our skill set is what distinguishes us from others within the business communication space. Marketing communication specialists abound but our expertise extends beyond that to include technical and operational communication as well. Why ? Because things like manuals, forms, dashboards and data-gathering apps can have just as much impact on an organisation’s performance as social media posts, brochures, web content and newsletters. Our wide-ranging skills help you leverage business communication right across the whole organisation so that the performance impact is maximised.

Business Research & Analysis

We help to simplify managerial decision-making within organisations by investigating matters of strategic and operational significance. Our expertise isn't confined to market research. After all, organisational performance is determined by decision-making in every functional area - from corporate strategy to stakeholder communications. That’s why we cover all the bases when it comes to research and analysis expertise.


Whether it’s a survey to determine employee satisfaction, a spatial analysis of customer locations to improve service delivery or sales management, a benchmarking study to rate your organisation’s performance relative to its peers or a workflow analysis to optimise process efficiency - we’ll get the information and insights you need to make difficult decisions seem simple.

Learning & Development

We help organisations to equip their employees with the knowledge, skills and support tools required to optimise on-the-job performance.


Our service coverage is comprehensive. It extends from determining learning needs to evaluating the effectiveness of learning solutions. And speaking of solutions, even though we’ve delivered courses and workshops to thousands of people we don’t treat “training” as a go-to solution. After all, most workplace learning and development occurs informally via things like discussions amongst colleagues and self-directed reading. That’s why contemporary learning and development strategies need to draw on both formal and informal solutions if they’re to be effective. If you want support that’s comprehensive in coverage and contemporary in perspective we’re the best people to call.


If you'd like to position your organisation as an outstanding performer in its field we'd love to help. To arrange a discussion about how we can assist please contact us.