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Improving productivity

A natural disaster caused approximately $40Billion in damage to land and infrastructure over a wide geographic area. Insurance companies providing cover in the affected area were immediately inundated with thousands of claims. A large insurance company with more than $1.5Billion in claims quickly realised that it wasn't in a position to respond to its customers in a timely manner. We were engaged to review the claims management department's structure and systems with a view to identifying opportunities for productivity improvement.

Securing network operations

A utility company with assets valued at more than $275Million wanted to enhance the security of network operations by strengthening its risk management capability. Using globally-recognised standards as a reference point for best practice we worked in conjunction with the company's executive leadership team to develop a risk-based business continuity plan for the company's head office.

Enhancing service delivery

A public sector agency with more than 500 employees wanted to alter its service delivery regime to facilitate the implementation of a new operating plan. The proposed changes had significant implications for the agency's organisational structure. We were engaged by the agency's chief operating officer to plan and lead a change management initiative during the 18 month-long restructuring exercise.

Adapting to change

New legislation led to significant changes in the way an entire industry undertook its work. A consortium of 13 organisations operating within the industry engaged us to lead the engineering of a new management system that: (a) conformed with the new statutory requirement; and (b) was sufficiently generic in form that it was able to be tailored by each consortium member to meet its specific operational requirements.

Coping with complexity

A city council was confronted with the task of completing a "mission-critical" project involving a multi-million dollar budget, numerous interrelated work streams and a large multidisciplinary team of specialists comprising a mix of staff and contractors. We were engaged by the council to develop a comprehensive management system that accommodated the project's complexity and assured its successful completion.

Fostering talent development

An energy sector company with more than 700 employees and $1Billion in operating revenue recruited numerous university graduates each year to fill a variety of technical and managerial positions. We were engaged by the company to create a competency-based learning and development system that would enable new recruits to make the best possible contribution within the organisation.

Assessing relative performance

A city council engaged us to undertake a benchmarking study in relation to a core service. The study sought to establish the position of the council relative to its peers in terms of: (a) its charging regime; and (b) its cost structure. After developing a methodology for standardising data across the organisations being studied we benchmarked the council's performance and made a variety of recommendations as to how operational performance could be improved.

Right-sizing the work force

A large public sector agency initiated a labour force review as part of a wider strategy to optimise organisational performance. We were engaged by the agency's human resources manager to design and undertake a study of time allocation behaviour by employees within two work groups in order that the labour requirements of each group could be more accurately determined.

Keeping a finger on the pulse

The chief executive officer of a professional services firm wanted to ensure that they stayed abreast of the firm's performance by securing real-time access to key operational data. We created an interactive management dashboard that drew data directly from the firm's accounting and project management systems which could be accessed securely by the CEO at any time from any device.

Enabling professional development

An industry group wanted to enable the professional development of its members by periodically hosting webinars on relevant topics. We were engaged by the group to: (a) organise and facilitate each webinar; and (b) produce an interactive video of each webinar that could be used by group members as a post-event reference tool.


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